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All Hertzer Tec software is equipped with some sort of help system. The latest version of Jot has the Support Center. This can be accessed by pressing F1 on your keyboard in Jot, or use the menu to find the Support Center: 




-Accessing the Support Center in Jot 6

The Support Center gives you a great list of options to get help with your Hertzer Tec software. There are choices for email support, included documentation, a tour, the update manager, the shortcut command list, and a link to the Jot website.


Hertzer Tec started on March 23. 2009 with the launch of 'The Hertzer Page'.

This was for about half a year, the home page of the many sites that 'The Hertzer Page' created. Many of these are now gone. Here is a list of most of the websites launched:







Some of these websites live on like The Cahill Page, and Fun Game Place. The Cahill Page was a successful website that posted the homework assignments daily. This is simmilar to the website 'School Notes'. The Cahill Page is currently unused but is still up. The next website that was launched was the actual Hertzer Tec website. This was known as the central location for all of the launched websites. 'The Hertzer Page' is up but receives low traffic compared to the Hertzer Tec website.

The Hertzer Page:
Hertzer Tec created it's first logo on May 27, 2009:

This logo was later modified with a shiny effect:

The new variation was used for about a year until mid 2010.

A new logo (below) was in high need because the original two logos looking surprisingly close to the Macintosh Finder logo. The new logo was inspired by two twigs that were bent into a similar shape. This logo is still in use today.

Hertzer Tec started making software in late 2009. The first program was called 'Hertzer Tec Calculator' and was a simple calculator that added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided two numbers:
Hertzer Tec created many other software programs like 'Hertzer Tec Writer', and variations of the 'Hertzer Tec Calculator'. Below is a picture of Hertzer Tec Writer 3.0 under construction.

In the Summer of 2009, Hertzer Tec created 'Hertzer Tec Office'. This was an attempt to make an "All-In-One" computer program. The first program included a variety of tools that were all across one form (window). This was an honest fail. The second version was actually extremely similar, just slightly improved in the overall appearance. Finally, a better version of Hertzer Tec Office was created. The third version presented a different approach with all of the applications in an individual tab. A web browser with a limited selection of controls was also added. The photo below is the home screen for Hertzer Tec Office 3.0.
The third version of Hertzer Tec Office was left untouched for about a year. Finally, in late June, Hertzer Tec began to get serious with making software.
The next version of Hertzer Tec Office was under construction. It took a little more than two weeks to build. This was a long time compared to the 1st 2nd, and 3rd versions of Office which were constructed in a few short hours. The new version of Hertzer Tec Office was also being constructed in a newer version of Microsoft Visual Basic. 
When Hertzer Tec Office 4.0 was finished, it was the first Hertzer Tec program to be published in a .EXE (Executable Windows Application). The older versions used 'Click Once Deployment'. Using .EXE was easier to setup, and made it possible to run the program off of a flash drive. Hertzer Tec Office 4.0 also received 11 downloads (which was a-lot at the time). The fourth version was a new layout because all of the applications were accessible in separate forms from the home screen. Here is a photo of the home screen of Hertzer Tec Office 4.0:
Hertzer Tec discontinued Hertzer Tec Writer, Hertzer Tec Calculator, and Hertzer Tec Paint. These features would be accessable through Hertzer Tec Office. Hertzer Tec was starting to take shape. At this point of time, Hertzer Tec recieved it's one thousandth visitor.

Right after Hertzer Tec Office 4.0 was finished, Hertzer Tec started to work on Hertzer Tec Office 5.0.
The new version contained a significant visual improvement with the program almost completely colored, and new graphics and backgrounds were added. This is a screenshot of Hertzer Tec Office 5.0 being constructed in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010:
After many months, Hertzer Tec Office 5.0 was finally completed. The program made about 30 downloads which was a great success.

The completed home screen for Hertzer Tec Office 5.0:

 A new program called Hertzer Tec Jot was programed. This is a full-window application which has the text-box fill the window. The options/tools are only accessible by right clicking in the window. This is a very useful tool for computer note takers.

Soon after, Hertzer Tec decided to work on the sixth version of Hertzer Tec Office. By now, Hertzer Tec Office was gaining more attention from the internet. Hertzer Tec Office 6.0 took about a third of a year to complete. This version took the longest to build to date. Included in this version, was a variation of updates to the applications and new utilities which were simple applications. There was also a new style home screen:
This version of Hertzer Tec Office gained about 500 views to the Hertzer Tec website within three weeks after launch, and the program received 30 downloads in one month.

Just before the release of Hertzer Tec Office 6.0, Hertzer Tec worked on Macintosh versions of Hertzer Tec Office and Hertzer Tec Jot.

Hertzer Tec decided to re-brand Hertzer Tec Office to Hertzer Tec Toolbox. The name made more sense, and a new Icon would be made that resembles a toolbox.
The new version would mainly fix bugs with the previous version, and was graphically improved with transparency, and better graphics. For example. You can see white triangles that were at the corners of the application icons on the home screen in Hertzer Tec Office 6.0. Toolbox 7.0 has no triangles, and many icons were improved. This release included an updated version of Hertzer Tec Jot (Version 2).

After this, Hertzer Tec created other types of software, other than just Hertzer Tec Toolbox. This included Chemical Plant Production Converter and Sprinkler Design Converter. These are calculating tools designed for people in the field of enginering. Below are the icons of the two programs.
Left: Chemical Plant Production Converter
Right: Sprinkler Design Converter
The icon of the sprinkler is actually a photograph of an actual sprinkler head from 1902.

Hertzer Tec also created a Quadratic Equation Solver.

Hertzer Tec ceased making software for a great ammount of time. It would be half of a year before another version of any software was to be released.

Finally, on Christmas Eve 2012, Hertzer Tec released the largest collection of software at once, ever released. The following is a list of these programs:

Toolbox 7.1 (Windows)

Toolbox 3.0 (Mac)

Jot 3.0 (Windows)

Jot 3.0 (Mac)

GUI Elements (Windows)

GUI Elements (Mac)

DownPour (Mac)

Sprinkler Design Converter (Windows)

Chemical Plant Production Converter (Windows)

Hertzer Tec Wallpapers (All OSs)

Hertzer Tec Web Browser Toolbar (All OSs)

Hertzer Tec Quadratic Equation Solver (Windows)

This release included a brand new program: Hertzer Tec GUI Elements which showed the various elements of an operating system, designed for developers.

DownPour is a web browser that is included in Hertzer Tec Toolbox 7.1, and seperatly avalible for the Macintosh. This was a name and icon concept by Harry Dewitt, and Alex Campagna. Different variations of the icon were used. The left icon was used in Toolbox 7.1, and the one on the right is for the Mac.

Now with all of the software, Hertzer Tec put it's Hertzer Tec Jot program onto CNET and Softonic. Softpedia actually added Jot to their website on their own, allong with Chemical Plant Production Converter and Sprinkler Design Converter. Hertzer Tec Toolbox 7.1 was later added to CNET.

The software caught on. In under two months, Sprinkler Design Converter obtained 90 downloads, Sprinkler Design Converter got 100 downloads, and Hertzer Tec Jot recieved 120 downloads across all of the downloading sites.

Hertzer Tec Jot was moving up, and became the most successful Hertzer Tec product ever made.

Jot icon:

Hertzer Tec received it's 1,000th download on August 18th 2013, Hertzer Tec Jot contributed around 50% to this number. By this time, Jot 4.0 was released.

Hertzer Tec Jot 5.0's development started immediately after the release of version 4. It actually was originally going to be a minor release with some small bug fixes. It turned out to be a huge project where we added a large number of features and fixes. It took Jot to a whole new level.

Jot becomes the new flagship software for Hertzer Tec

Jot 6

Hertzer Tec Jot proved to be an extremely reliable and lasting version of Jot that stood as the current version for years, and reaching over 7,000 people. Development for Jot 6 took 2 years. The project was enormous consisting of a redesign of the entire interface to match the modern design aesthetics popular today. 

Jot 6 at completion has exactly 17,011 lines of VB.NET code. A significant amount more than version 5.0. Jot 6 included a large number of features and tools. Furthermore, it made Jot even more reliable than before. Document saving was completely re-worked and is far more safer thanks to the changes in Jot 6. The goal of this version was to bring versatility and usability for all (to live up to Hertzer Tec's motto) as well as improve stability further. Jot 6 includes a number of tools and functionality that allows Jot to be used for a much wider range of uses, as well as putting in place features that allow greater accessibility to Jot that surpasses most software around.

What's next for Hertzer Tec? A refresh of all of Hertzer Tec's software and new software is in the works.

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Hertzer Tec is a non-profit group that specializes in software and other computer products. It was started on March 23, 2009 by creating websites. Ever since then, Hertzer Tec has been committed to making stellar products for the incredible price of FREE. No advertizements or hidden prices. We do this for software that is enjoyed by all.
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