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Hertzer Tec Jot is the incredibly handy, portable, and simple note taking program. This application has no visible controls or toolbars, so you can fit Jot into tight corners of your desktop to take notes. Whenever you need to access commands and formatting options, just right click anywhere and get many editing options. Jot can even read the text to you!  Hertzer Tec has been reviewed and rated 5 stars by many reviewers and websites, and we know you will love it too! 
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A simple and portable counter program. You can change the increments at which it counts at as well. Perfect for all sorts of things where you need a counter. Aid in teaching math concepts or use it to keep track of things.

Sprinkler Design Converter

Sprinkler Design Converter is an application geared for people in the field of engineering. It converts units that are commonly used when calculating water pressure for sprinkler heads.  

Chemical Plant Production Converter

Hertzer Tec Chemical Plant Production Converter is a program designed for people who specialize in the field of engineering. This program converts various weights over different periods of time.

Quadratic Equation Solver

Hertzer Tec Quadratic Equation Solver is a program that solves simple quadratic equations in the form of: (AX^2)+BX+C=0. This program was bundled with Hertzer Tec Toolbox, but it is now available for a download separately. This is a portable and standalone application. No installation needed!

GUI Elements

Hertzer Tec GUI Elements is a program that is designed for developers. It displays nearly all of the user interface elements for Windows and Mac OSX. It is great for developing custom UI themes, or you can learn and discover the different user interface elements.

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The simple web browser just for the Mac. DownPour for Windows is not available (as it was available through Toolbox before it's discontinuation).

Hertzer Tec Wallpapers    *NEW*

2nd Edition

High quality, wonderful wallpapers for your computer. This new pack of wallpapers contains wallpapers designed for both your desktop and your phone in portrait and landscape.

196 MB Download



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Jot is a free, versatile, and lightweight word processing program. Tools like text to speech, fullscreen mode, compact interface, and advanced window settings set this program apart from the others.