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Jot 6

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Jot is a free and versatile word processor that is designed to be used by everyone. Over five years of work have gone into Jot to make it feature rich and powerful, yet still simple, sleek, and easy to use by all. It's perfect for just quickly jotting down notes. 

Jot has no visible commands. They are all accessable via a right click menu that provides formatting options, tools, settings, and support. Hertzer Tec Jot also comes as a standalone aplication for portability and therefore no instalation is required.

You can easily configure Jot to stay on top of all other windows, make it transparent, full-screen, and act like a desktop sticky-note. In addition to this, you have a selection of tools that ad to Jot's functionality. Use Jot to read the text to you, send emails, take screenshots, and view your clipboard. Jot also includes a toolbar that allows one to quickly access common commands.